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Quotes Angies pancakes are the BEST! I have not converted 100% to gluten free, especially in baking ingredients. Let Angie do most of the work and buy the batter already mixed! No mistakes in measuring and I don't have to buy all of those different flours that I will only use once or twice. I add my own fruit when cooking. They are SO fluffy and delicious! I cook the entire bag and freeze the extra cakes individually so I can have a quick pancake on the run when I'm late! Quotes
Debbie Marsh
Retired Teacher

Quotes Angie's pancake mix gets a big thumbs up from my kids, and also from my non-GF husband. The pancakes are quick and easy to make. These pancakes have a wonderful natural and light sweetness to them; just a little fruit topping is all that is needed, though I?m sure some would still want syrup out of habit. Yum, Yum! I have tried over and over again to make fluffy pancakes with many recipes and many different homemade flour blends. But I haven?t been able to beat Angies? pancake blend. Ok, now I am hungry again just thinking about her pancakes, guess what we?re having for breakfast again! Quotes
Bridget Adams
CEO of Adams Household

Quotes Super yummy factor... Great fluffy texture. I don't know why anyone would eat a typical pancake. It's like great sex, your expectations are changed forever... Quotes
Joel Gibson

Quotes The pancakes are unbelievably delicious, and healthy?! Can I order by the case? Quotes
Tanya Wineland