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Who I AM

Angela Webster is a Functional Chef - a Chef who applies the food ideology and philosophies of a Functional Medicine doctor into the recipe development and food preparation. This is a term she coined herself to express the integration of numerous schools of healthy food preparation with a lifetime of culinary excellence.

She provides Personal Chef services and consultations for individuals/families who have special dietary needs, chronic illness, or just don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare healthful meals for themselves.  She works in conjunction with clinicians to bring clients a comprehensive and practical understanding of how to eat in accordance with their dietary principles.

Angela is a certified Living on Live Foods Chef though she prepares virtually anything requested under any school of food philosophy (Paleo, vegan, raw, vegetarian, Macrobiotic, food combining, GAPS, Gerson, Gates, Fallon/Price, Wolfe, Teeguarden, Mercola, Ayurvedic, Tonic Herbalism, American Herbalism, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Ethiopian, American, Cajun, Asian, and more).  She prepares a wide variety of gourmet foods that are organic, grain free, gluten free, dairy free (or raw dairy only), soy free, or customized to fit the specific dietary parameters for any individual.  She has done apprenticeships with various ethnic Chefs and she has studied and worked with Functional Medicine doctors of all walks including Functional DCs, Functional Endocrinologists, Functional DOs, Functional MDs, Functional PTs, Functional Ph.Ds of Pharmacology, and a laundry list of other Holistic health care professionals in Richmond, Austin, and Ft. Lauderdale.  

Angela began cooking with her Italian grandmother at the age of 2, while on a month long stay with her maternal grandparents in Syracuse, NY.  She developed a love for baking at the age of 7, always refining desserts to satisfy her sweet tooth. When Angela was 14, she started to realize that I was also quite the chef, as her innate talent with cooking emerged. She cooked or baked daily from that time, polishing her skills.  She has 18 years of experience in the public food service industry. 

In 2010, Chef Angie moved into the world of nutritional nourishment and decided to leave the public sector of food service.  Since then, she has done numerous health & wellness events and cultivated her portfolio of clients in the private sector.  She is currently scheduling new clients in October and November 2014.