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Welcome to the Golden Age of One!!

Golden Age Foods is the crystallized vision of Functional Chef Angela Webster.  In the Golden Age of One, all food is sustainably cultivated in harmony to heal, bless, and nourish the earth and its inhabitants.  Chef Angie brings enlightenment, conscious awareness, and many lifetimes of culinary wisdom into her food philosophy.  The products, recipes, and content are proprietary creations formed within her heart for you!  

Chef Angie's recipes are designed to heal the body and promote wellness by using only the finest, hand-selected, whole food, organic/Amish ingredients and by implementing proper methods of preparation to ensure the lowest possible inflammatory response within the body without compromising flavor or texture.  All of the recipes are 100% gluten free, soy free, sugar free, non-dairy, and usually grain free. 

*The term Functional Chef was coined by Chef Angie.  It refers to a Chef who applies the food ideology and philosophies of a Functional Medicine doctor into the recipe development and food preparation.